A Not-So-Secret Society


If you can identify with one of these descriptions, you're ready to embark on an adventure with the Beer Exploration Society:

1. You love beer, especially craft beer. You have an insatiable desire to become a beer expert.
2. You want to love beer, especially craft beer. Your adventurous spirit leaves you yearning to feel well-versed in a craft beer conversation.
3. You love a good time. If somebody wants to make fantastic beer and food part of that deal, you're in like Flynn.  

Enter The Rail's Beer Exploration Society, a monthly beer class featuring a local certified beer geek (most often the brewer) to bring in an array of craft brews for you to taste, discuss and enjoy. Oh, and there's some yummy Rail food to go with it.  

The Society meets monthly and cost is $12/explorer, which includes beer and food. Check out our current adventures.

Krista Emerson