The Story Behind the Spots: Our Small Screen Debut

Part I: The Plan

Our story pretty much begins last year when a friend and colleague had done a series of super hip web videos of cocktails being mixed, and then reversing the footage so that they played backwards with some groovy music ( The idea was simple and visually stunning. We dug it.

We knew The RAIL was ready to venture into the world of TV, so why not try the same concept with one of our burgers? And one of our milkshakes? And one of our beers? In fact, why don’t we trace the steps of that particular burger/milkshake/beer back through the production process all the way to our local sources?

So in May, following lots of planning, conference calls and logistics coordination, 3 dudes and a girl embarked on a journey to revolutionize local cable television spot advertising…the glamour did not escape us.                                                                                           

The three :30-second commercials began airing yesterday on various cable networks in North Olmsted, Canton and Akron. Check them out, let us know what you think and stay tuned for the full-length web versions to be released.

The Burger Spot

The Beer Spot

The Milkshake Spot

Special RAIL shout-out to our music-making friend, Annie Yoder, production firm, Jugoe, and branding firm, Hoofcase...their talent astounds us.


Krista Emerson