#febrewary import: Tap & Screw Brewery

Yeah, it’s called Tap & Screw Brewery. But get your mind out of the gutter, because it’s a prideful homage to the hard-working, blue-collar folks who, for generations, have called Cincinnati Screw & Tap Company home. 

See, the brewery’s founders: Tom and Jerry (no joke) Lorenz can relate to those roots. They consider themselves “manly men” who love machinery and have a deep respect for the roots of Cincinnati’s local industry. In fact, they opened their neighborhood bar in Westwood as a place for neighbors like them to hang out and drink domestic beer. It wasn’t until Tom’s son Adam, an avid home brewer with almost a decade of brewing experience under his belt, approached them about turning the bar’s 800-square-foot dance floor into a mini-brewery that they ever considered becoming the first craft brewery on the West Side. 

And it’s not only their location that sets Tap and Screw Brewery apart, but their beers…specifically what goes into (or doesn’t go into) their beers. It starts with their high-quality grains, which are 95% GMO-free. In fact, the All Jacked Up we’re pouring this month is actually 100% GMO-free. 

They also take great pride in the craftsmanship and true flavors of individual styles of beer…they are among the few breweries that doesn’t start from a generic base yeast. They source new yeasts for each style they brew…so they aren’t going to use a stout yeast when crafting a new pilsner recipe. 

If you get a chance to visit Tap & Screw Brewery, you’re going to immediately get the “neighborhood gem” feel when you walk in the door. You’re sure to be greeted by friendly faces proud of their heritage and conversations about the good ol’ days…and if you happen to be able to talk heavy duty equipment, you’ll fit right in.

Jessica Wagner