#febrewary import: Fifty West Brewing Co.

On the eastern outskirts of Cincinnati, you can find Fifty West Brewing Company in an old speakeasy along the Little Miami River. In celebration of Febrewary, we’ll be pouring their “Pepper Beer”---Jalopy Nose Jalapeño Stout until we run out.

Slightly out of the hustle & bustle of downtown Cincinnati, Fifty West Brewing Co. is located in an old road house on, you guessed it, US-50 West. Stretching nearly coast-to-coast from Ocean City to Sacramento, US 50 has been a fitting location for the brewery founders: Blake Horsburgh, Whit Hesser and Bobby Slattery. They approach the business as one big road trip, and every beer that they brew reflects the tastes of a different trip along the highway.

The brew house itself was originally built in 1857 and was once owned by the infamous “King of the Bootleggers” George Remus, who used it as a speakeasy, casino and brothel. It’s one of those rare buildings entrenched in history that you can actually feel the moment you step inside.

When Fifty West first began production in late 2011, they never expected the kind of demand they've experienced and have had to be pretty selective about which bars and restaurants they supply their handmade, small-batch beer to until they are able to expand their production capabilities. That makes us feel pretty damn special about the opportunity to bring Fifty West up North to our #RAILavores.

For all the Fifty West beer details, check out www.fiftywestbrew.com.

Top Photo Credit: Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Krista Emerson