September #FarmFeature: Brown Bros. Farms

As many of you may know, the Ohio Turkey Burger is back on our menu for September by popular demand. Our Burger of the Month is a locally sourced turkey burger topped with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and red pepper pesto. What many of you may not know, however, is where we get our most popular locally sourced items.

The Rail has some really great partnerships with Ohio farmers, each with their own cool story and terrific products, which is why we’d like to share our first-ever #FarmFeature on our free range turkey burgers.

September’s Farm Feature: Brown Bros. Farms, LLC.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Paris, Ohio, Brown Bros. Farms is a Free Range Poultry operation. Founded by Bill Brown in 2012, Brown Bros. Farms has grown into a prospering business from what began as a Future Farmers of America project in high school.

Brown Bros. specializes in broiler (chicken) and turkey production, raising all poultry in a natural way – free range with full access to fresh green pastures. Bill Brown shares of the farm, “Our birds live their lives the way nature intended. Free to wander, eating food designed to nourish them – not fatten them up quickly and cheaply. They may not put on weight as quickly, and they may cost a bit more to raise, but you will certainly taste the difference.”

In addition to the natural diet the birds receive on pasture, they’re fed a non-GMO feed which is ground and mixed in-house – 100% natural with no growth hormones or antibiotics. To boot, all of Brown Bros.’ poultry is locally processed in Baltic, Ohio, by a USDA-inspected processor.

Brown Bros. Farms continues to grow and expand each year, raising 4,500 broilers and 750 turkeys each summer and maintaining a 150 bird flock for GMO-free brown eggs. The farm offers new cuts of chicken and turkey, available online and at retail shops and restaurants like The Rail, and they take reservations for fresh (never frozen) Thanksgiving Turkeys. Check them out at

Brown says, “From our farm to your plate, you are enjoying one of nature’s finest products,” and we’d have to agree. Stop by any of the four Rail locations to try the Ohio Turkey Burger all September long!