Earning an A+ in Beer School with Goldhorn Brewery + The End of FeBREWary 2017


Last Wednesday was a good day to be a student.  Although technically, you could say we’ve earned our B.A. in beer tasting because we’ve been slogging down delicious beer all month long.  One moment it’s Columbus-favorite Zaftig Brewing and the next it’s Wolf’s Ridge and Warped Wing.  Bottom line: The second annual #FeBREWary was just as fun as we thought it’d be, with the beer surpassing even our own lofty, hop-induced expectations.  It’s truly good to be an Ohioan.  Bring on 2018!


One of Cleveland’s up-and-coming beer concocters and Rail favorites, Goldhorn Brewery, took to the head of the class for one of FeBREWary’s most exciting Beer School events at Ohio Beer Garden.  Several prominent local writers and bloggers were also in attendance, ready to taste whatever masterful elixir was thrown at them… and the folks at Goldhorn certainly did not disappoint.


On the docket for the evening were four fantastic beers.  First up was the Polka City Pilsner.  Easy drinking, super tasty and their most well-known beer, this refreshing staple features Slovenian hops and a 5.4% ABV.  It’s the kind of beer you could drink all day, not that we would sit around drinking beer all day - who does that? Okay, you got us.  Maybe we do… occasionally.  Let’s move on.



Next up was a witbier dubbed Play that Funky Music.  While not as funky as the name suggests, the guys at Goldhorn thought it’d be fun to throw a little caution to the wind and send the normal brewing rules packing, so they created this delicious witbier that’s slightly darker in color than most beers of the same variety.  Play that Funky Music Witbier is brewed with coriander and orange peel, giving it a few floral notes, while finishing with a touch of clove.  Sounds good, right?  Unfortunately, there are no current plans to brew more of this rule-breaking beer; but don't worry, we know they’ll come up with something else just as good.


Then there was Fire Plug, an unusual, but absolutely stellar smoked pale ale.  Now we know what you’re thinking, a smoked pale ale?  What?  Toss those skeptical thoughts aside, because this brew is phenomenal.  Brewed with Chinook hops, this slightly smoked beer was created to keep people on their toes and their taste buds happy, and that it does. 


Lastly came the St. Clair Stout, which after talking with the Goldhorn brewers, you can tell is close to their heart and directly reflects their motto of, “Beer that defines your neighborhood.”  As the name would suggest, this particular stout represents the area where they live and create.  Subtle characters of cinnamon, ginger and honey are perfectly balanced in this one.  Although not for long, this mellow version of a Christmas-style stout is still available at their tasting room in the Hub55 district of E. 55th St.  Keep your eyes peeled for a special Dry Irish Stout on nitro coming for St. Paddy’s Day as well!


A huge thank you goes out to all of our FeBREWary Beer Exploration Society teachers including Goldhorn Brewery, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Fat Head’s Brewery and Watershed Distillery. Cheers!

Also, big thanks go to Lisa Sands from Edible Cleveland who made the trip, as well as Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland, Doug Bardwell and Rachel from It’s a Hero.  You can keep up with Edible Cleveland on Twitter @edibleCLE and Lisa @LisaSandsCle.  Crystal can be found sharing local Ohio love @EatDrinkCLE, Doug @photodb and Rachel @ItsaHero.  Check them all out if you’re looking for some cool Ohio news!