Skip Work, Drink Beer.


So, it sounds like you're ready for a day off. Get your excuse rehearsed so you can come celebrate March Madness with us at The Rail! To kick off March Madness, enjoy ALL DAY Happy Hour Specials on drinks and appetizers on Thursday, March 16th, and Friday, March 17th, as well as some delicious St. Patrick's Day-inspired food specials. 


We’ve enlisted the help of industry experts to develop a list of some of the best (and worst) excuses to give your boss so you can get an early start to your weekend and enjoy all the fun our Skip Work Party has to offer. When planning for a situation like this, you have to choose what you say wisely, and don't forget about the delivery.  

We all know some of the most common excuses for missing work: “Illness,” “Car troubles,” “Doctor's Appointment,” etc. These may work in some situations, but they also leave you stuck continuing to lie after the fact. How do you respond when someone asks how your doctor’s appointment went or how you got over your illness so fast? 


Think outside the box when you're calling off work - we've even compiled a list of better excuses for you:

  • Child has check-up (if you have children)
    • Please don’t make up fake children - that could come back to haunt you.
  • Someone had to be at home for a major delivery coming (i.e., stove, refrigerator)
  • Family Emergency (No details are needed, and the fewer the better)
  • Major repair needed in home (i.e., pipe burst, furnace broke)
  • Child/Parent sick (No one would want to deny a child or elder attention when they’re sick!)
  • I will be working from home (An easy way to make them think you’re working while still enjoying yourself; only if your job permits)
  • Mental Health Day (In this case, personal time off)
  • Colonoscopy (Trust us, no one is going to question that.)
  • Treating a client for a lunch meeting (you don't even have to lie about your location for this one!)


The most important part about these excuses is to never get too in depth with the details - be as vague as possible so you don't have to remember too much when asked about the day off. It is also very important to always remember to follow proper protocol for calling off, giving as much notice as you can.


For every good excuse, there are equally bad ones you should avoid when calling off:

  • Death in the family (Bad karma aside, this can get tricky, and you may put yourself in a bad place down the road)
  • You’re hungover (We promise you, your boss and co-workers will not consider this a valid excuse)
  • Got arrested (Probably won’t sit well with your employer, and also seems like bad karma)
  • Too tired to come to work (Everyone is tired - also not a valid excuse)
  • Too cold to come to work (Yes, someone has tried it before)



When it comes to calling off, you should always be as honest as possible, but realistically, your boss probably wouldn't give the go-ahead to skip work because you want to drink Ohio Craft Beer, snack on delicious food and watch college basketball, so sometimes you have to get creative. We hope this list included an excuse that's perfect for you, and if not, shoot us a message, and we'll call your boss for you! 

We look forward to spending March Madness with you - you work hard, and you deserve a break (and a beer)!