Pie Supply: Why We Eat Dessert First

Who doesn’t love a good piece of pie?! We sure do, and boy, do we have some good pie here at The Rail! As we’re sure you know, we’re all about locally sourced ingredients, from our burgers and sandwiches to all our beers on tap, and our dessert isn’t any different. Believe it or not, although we go through lots of them, our pies come from a very small bakery… a kitchen, in Medina, Ohio!

We’d like to introduce the Baker, Sheri Tucker.  Sheri is the owner and operator of Pie Supply, dedicating all her baking time and one-of-a-kind pies to The Rail! Sheri makes all our pies herself at home and hand delivers them to us, spending about 15-20 hours a week on the process each time we get new flavors. Sheri’s pies are exclusive to The Rail and rotate seasonally. Sheri has developed a range of unique pie flavors just for The Rail and even takes suggestions from our team on what ingredients she should experiment with next!

Sheri first got started baking for her family, and when her niece starting selling produce at the local Medina Farmer’s Market, Sheri decided she’d try out selling her pies there too! Working a full-time job made pie baking more of a hobby for Sheri, but when you're that good at something, sometimes you receive a sign. One day while at the farmer’s market, she was approached by The Rail Team (big fans of Sheri's bakery) and asked if she'd be willing to bake pies to be served in our restaurants. Sheri had actually never heard of us before this encounter, but she decided it was time for her and her husband to see what we were all about, so they came for dinner. She loved the all-Ohio, locally sourced focus of our concept, as she shares those same ideals herself, using as many local ingredients as she can in her pies!

When asked about her pie flavors, Sheri said her go-to is generally fruit-based pies, but has been experimenting with new flavors since working with us. A perfect example of this is our most popular dessert, Watershed Bourbon Pecan Pie, which started with a recipe suggestion from our own Executive Chef, Mike Hawks. This pie has been such a success that it even won Sheri a new oven in a pie bake–off! Sheri's experimented with cheesecake for The Rail as well, coming up with the perfect blend of tart and creamy flavors for a fan favorite, and she makes the brownies and the pumpkin pie we use in our milkshakes to boot!

Before she left our interview, we asked Sheri if there were any secrets to baking the perfect pies, and she shared a few with us. Contrary to popular belief, Sheri says to allow pie crust to reach room temperature before rolling it out and using it, which helps to prevent cracking in the base of your pie. She also said when making the crust, you should use the more water than a recipe requires - this ensures your crust will be more manageable to work with.

Still currently working a full-time job, Sheri believes that having a fully functioning bakery is not in the cards right now, but she could see herself possibly opening one later in life when she retires. So, if you’re craving your favorite flavor of Sheri’s scratch-made, mouthwatering pies, for now you’ll have to keep traveling to your nearest Rail to enjoy it!

Sheri has been supplying our delicious local pies for a few years now, and we’re so grateful for all her hard work to help us serve the tastiest desserts in town. If by chance you haven’t saved room for dessert with us, make sure to try out seasonal pie specials, Apple Crumb and Pumpkin, the next time you’re in! Thank you for all that you do, Sheri – you’re the reason we always recommend eating dessert first!