Winning One for Ohio: Mojo Burger Earns Best in Show

On the heels of National Puppy Day, we can’t help but think about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Now we know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with burgers? Just stay with us.


Cute, cuddly dogs trot around and jump over hurdles. Their owners frantically search for the Busy Bee (Christopher Guest reference, anyone?). Countless hours of training, hard work and dedication lead to one glorious moment – the coveted Best in Show Award. Well, the Burger Wars competition is our Kennel Club Dog Show, and our Mojo Burger took home Best in Show!


Maybe that analogy was a little far-fetched, but you get what we mean. We were with great company in the Feast Awards finals, and we’re ridiculously excited our burger was such a hit!


A little background about the event: Every March, About, Stark County’s premiere lifestyle magazine, presents their Annual Feast Awards with the staff’s top picks for local dining, including categories such as Best Lunch, Best Coffee, Best Pizza and, you guessed it, Best Burger. This year, About magazine decided to mix things up with ‘Burger Wars,’ focusing on an American classic, and The Rail came to play.


Like the dog show, the top honor, the number one, the crème de la crème, is Best in Show, which we might have mentioned already… was snatched up by our very own Mojo Burger! Chef Hawks and the awesome kitchen team in Canton put together this delectable, mouth-watering creation for the competition, and we can’t thank them enough.


Best served Medium-Well with a side of Truffle Fries, the judges remarked that the Mojo Burger was selected much in part to its creativity and flavor, and they especially loved that the burger’s ingredients were Ohio-focused. That unique combination of andouille sausage and fresh beef is all sourced right here in the heart of it all, and we must say, we love that too. Even better? The Mojo Burger is available all the time as a staple in our Signature Burger Menu!


Barb Abbott, a judge on the About Stark panel, was asked to describe the Mojo Burger in one word, to which she replied “Amazing.” Thank you Barb! And thank you to everyone at About Stark for such high praise and for putting on this wonderful contest.


We’d also like to thank all our loyal RAILavores who inspire us to keep coming up with new locally sourced offerings, as well as our phenomenal team members who work hard every day to provide you with a sensational dining experience. Furthermore, we’d like to thank the entire state of Ohio for being so awesome… Uh oh, looks like we’re out of time – these acceptance speeches always get cut off!


For the full article on Burger Wars, you can visit Until next time, #RAILon!