It's Silo Season

Some might say we have a thing for farming. And they'd be right. We like to support local farmers because it helps our local economy, and it helps smaller farms (fellow Ohians) compete. So when Lager Heads Brewing Co. approached us about brewing a late-summer beer exclusively for our restaurants, a Saison seemed like the natural choice.

Also referred to as a Farmhouse Ale, Saison (French for "season") has a long history with farming. It began on Belgian farms in the 18th century as a beer for farmers and farmhands to easily drink while tending to crops in the heat of summer---light, refreshing and a little fruity.

Along with our friends at Lager Heads, we present Silo Saison. It's being poured right now at all 4 locations of The RAIL, The City Square Steakhouse (our sister restaurant in Wooster) and Lager Heads Brewing Co. in Medina.

It's a very drinkable end-of-the-summer beer that combines fruity and earthy flavors and then finishes with a tart dryness. We'll only have it for a limited time, so come on in - it's Silo season.

Krista Emerson