Zaftig: Featured Brewery of the Season

      As we continue our Brewery Partnership program, we’re so excited to share the Local Love and announce a new partnership starting this month! With fall approaching, we chose to partner with Zaftig Brewing Co. for the season, sharing the selection of unique, full-bodied beers they are known for! Zaftig, a unique name indeed, is a Yiddish word which means plump or juicy, often being used to describe a full-bodied woman. But, in their case, it’s being used to describe their full-bodied beers, which is why they coined the motto “Full-bodied beer for a full-bodied experience.”  

      Co-founders Jim Gokebach and Brent Blevins were once regular drinkers of Bud Light, just like the rest of us, but found inspiration in the ‘Beer Wars,’ a documentary about the cutthroat world of the American Beer business. Being the “go-big-or-go-home” guys that they are, Gokebach and Blevins decided they weren’t going to be pushed around by the Big Beer names, and decided to start brewing their own beer. This day marked the beginnings of Zaftig Brewing Co…. and the exact time they stopped drinking Bud Light!

     Zaftig is a craft brewery located in Worthington, OH, that started in a small industrial garage and has recently moved to a much larger location featuring a taproom. They are known for not being afraid to test the limits, and when Ohio’s ABV cap was lifted, Zaftig was the first craft brewery in the Columbus area to release a beer at over 12% ABV.  Gokebach and Blevins respect the innovators and leaders of the modern craft beer industry and feel they take their inspiration from them, just as a musician gets their inspiration from musicians before them. To put it in simple terms, they believe in crafting each beer to the standard of their favorite beer from breweries they admire, which is one heck of a standard to hold yourself to, but warrants quality products.

     When they opened in 2014, Zaftig produced only four beers: Heavy Hearted Amber, a traditional Amber with strong malt body, Black Perle Stout, with chocolate and caramel notes, Too Cans Imperial IPA, heavily hopped and balanced, and Shadowed Mistress, a beer that doesn’t seem to fall under one category, but instead three (somewhere between IPA, ESB and Barleywine).

     Now Zaftig has become a lot more than just a small brewery, with new flagship beers, seasonal specialties, special releases and the introduction of their Brew Cat, Hops. Hops likes to wander around the brewing facility and pose for some amazing pictures – he even posts those pictures on his very own Instagram account. You can often find him strolling around the taproom to visit with and have a good time with Zaftig’s guests.

      With this new fall partnership, we will continue hosting Growler Nights every Thursday and Friday, with $15 Zaftig growler fills all day long! Your favorite full-bodied beers will be closer than ever, and you can enjoy them fresh from the comfort of your couch, just by visiting your favorite dinner spot! Can’t decide which to order? Don’t worry, you can grab a flight of all our Zaftig drafts with this season’s Featured Ohio Brewery Flight, just $10 all season! Now that’s something to celebrate… we’ll cheers to that!