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Featured Brewery Partner: BrewDog

When we search for feature brewery partners, we look for brewmasters who really know their stuff. After just one sip of a BrewDog beer, it becomes immediately apparent why we chose their company to become our next Featured Brewery Partner.

The company was founded in 2007 when James Watt and Martin Dickie got bored with what they called, “flavourless lagers and stuffy ales” in the UK. The pair secured a couple loans and bought all of the stainless steel they could afford and opened up the first BrewDog brewing facility in northeast Scotland. They started small; brewing tiny batches and filled the bottles by hand. The men then took those bottled beers and sold them at markets and out of the back of a van. Their goal -- promote a passion for great tasting craft beer.

Fast forward to 2009 and there were 24 employees working for BrewDog. This was also the year James and Martin offered shares in their company. More than 1,300 people invested! They were well on their way to success.

By 2014 BrewDog had 358 employees, 25 bars and more than 14,000 shareholders worldwide. In that year alone, they released 36 different beers and made several news headlines throughout the world.

The company finally landed in Ohio in 2017, but in typical fashion they didn’t come into the beer scene in the Buckeye State quietly. Instead, they opened the world's first crowd-funded hotel. But it’s not just another hotel, it’s the kind of hotel where guests can literally wake up inside of a brewery. BrewDog's DogHouse Columbus sits on 42 acres and consists of a 6,000 sq ft interactive beer museum, an OverWorks USA sour brewery, and the hotel.

Even with a decade under their belt, James and Martin still stand by the same values as they did when BrewDog started: “We are committed to putting the passion, the flavour and the artisan craftsmanship back into people’s glasses. We want to change the world of beer forever and introduce people to new dimensions of flavour they never knew existed.”

Be sure to take advantage of our partnership specials with Growler Night every Thursday and Friday, where you can take home a growler fill of any BrewDog draft for only $10! Plus, you can try all four BrewDog taps with our $10 featured beer flight any day of the week. We’ll drink to that!

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