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FeBREWary Feature on Rhinegeist

We’re sure it comes as no surprise by now that Rhinegeist is one of our favorite local brewery partners. This Cincinnati, Ohio brewery has been the star of several Rail blog posts, so we’ll keep this one brief…

Located in the historic Over-The-Rhine Brewery District in Cincinnati, Rhinegeist’s name translates to “Ghost of the Rhine,” referring to their operating space within the 110,000 sq. ft. skeleton of an Old Moerlein Brewing Company bottling plant built in 1895.

When describing their suds, Rhinegeist reports, “Influenced by West Coast brewing styles, we aggressively hop our beers as well as brew lower alcohol styles that shine with finesse. The yin/yang of our brewing philosophy is hoppy/sessionable and we aim to brew beers where ‘the first sip calls for the third.’”

Their flagship beer, Truth, is an intensely hopped dry IPA coming in at 7.2% ABV, brewed with Citra, Simcoe Amarillo and Centennial hops, with notes of peach, mango and passion fruit. Truth is a year-round brew which The Rail proudly boasts on tap.

In addition to beers, they offer Cidergeist, a series of craft ciders which provide the brewery an opportunity to play with lighter, more refreshing flavor profiles than they can achieve through beer. Popular Cidergeist options include their sweet Semi Dry cider, Dry Hopped Cider and Bubbles Rose Ale.

Rhinegeist says, “We can all of our year-round beers and ciders because we not only like the aluminum canvas for our flavor grenades, but that’s what best for the beer, and that to us, is paramount.”

This FeBREWary, you can not only find Rhinegeist's Truth IPA on tap at all Rail locations, but also their limited release Gramma Oatmeal Stout, which is best described as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in a glass – what’s not to love there?

The close-knit team at Rhinegeist truly believes in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas, and build a community that values craft beer and one another. As a final remark, they state, “We're a small team with big dreams and we tend to smile while we sweat. We brew those styles which are most compelling to our thirst and we certainly hope you enjoy our brews as much as we do.” We’ll drink to that!


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