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Spice It Up: 5 Embellishments You Need to Try

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Unique, crafty burgers are our thing. Our chefs love creating new and exciting burgers they believe you're going to love, using fresh proteins from our local partners at Blue Ribbon Meats. From the Local Yokel to the Crouching Burger {Hidden Bacon}, our menu has something for the entire family. 

But we also know that sometimes you like to take charge and put your own spin on our fresh, all-Ohio beef burgers, and that’s where our long list of embellishments come in. If you haven’t checked them all out, they’re on our menu just for you! These add-ons allow you create a meal you’ll be telling your friends about for weeks to come.

With so many choices, how do you choose? We’re going to pick five of our favorite embellishments we highly recommend you try the next time you visit us at The Rail.

1. Truffle Butter

If you’ve tried our popular 7th Heaven Burger, you know what we’re talking about. Truffle Butter is the perfect addition to almost any burger, adding an extra kick of flavor while making the beef patty juicier than ever.

2. Tobacco Onions

If you want a little crunch on your burger or sandwich, add the Tobacco Onions. They’re thin, crispy and have the perfect amount of salt to put a little western spin on your meal.

3. Red Onion Jam

Two words: Yes, please. Our Red Onion Jam is the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Try it on the Perfectly Naked Burger to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

4. Fresh Avocado Slices

Who doesn’t love fresh avocado? Avocados are a great addition because they’re great for your heart! A study found that adding fresh Hass avocado to burgers can reduce inflammation and narrowing of blood vessels after the meal. Plus, they’re just plain delicious.

5. Ohio Pulled Pork

We bet you didn’t know this was even an option! Our Pulled Pork is juicy and can be ordered for whatever burger and sandwich you choose. Our recommendation: Add it to The Bootlegger Burger.

These embellishments, plus several others are listed on our menu below the burger and sandwich options. For Carnivores, Herbivores and RAILavores alike, we have toppings for whatever sandwich build your heart desires!

While you can choose any of our proteins to create your own Rail Burger, from veggie burger to a fried local chicken breast, if you're like most of our customers, Beef Burgers are a must.  Our local partner and supplier of burgers, Blue Ribbon Meats was founded in Cleveland in the 1940s and continues to provide the highest quality products you can find today. The family-owned company grinds all of their meat in-house, at a local establishment. Then they use a specialized patty machine to weave together to produce the perfect burger every time, which creates a consistently sized, evenly cooked, delicious burger. Stay tuned to learn more about the history of these valuable partners throughout the month!

The next time you stop by to see us, let us know which burger you had and your favorite embellishments!


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