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Surfit offers the following features:● Enables the user to create topological mappings for many fields using several types of surfaces● Supports both, linear and curved surfaces● Defines a custom grid to be used for the surface definition or gridding. The grid can be created manually or in the format of data sets, by uploading a data file.● Allows the user to define the importance of each data set with its own set of weights. You can use surfit to create custom rules for gridding and to specify which data set to use in the field reconstruction process● Convenient and fast visualization in the form of graphics or as tables and plots● Allows the user to input data sets and export them in several formats● Supports field expansion● Can import and export a wide range of data sets in a compact and easy-to-handle format● Enables the user to calculate total values and to interpolate or extrapolate the data● Allows the user to specify new or modify used data sets for a specific gridding rules● Provides user with a powerful and flexible plotting and visualization module, allowing you to apply different views and export your results in a range of formats“I’ve been using Surfit for several weeks now and am very happy with its combination of power and simplicity. Surfit keeps popping up with essential updates that make it even more powerful and easy to use. I was already finding Kriging difficult to use and make sense of, but now Surfit is even more complex than Kriging, so I’m even more satisfied with the results. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.”“I can’t wait until the next release of Surfit!”“I am extremely delighted with Surfit-! In addition to a wealth of clear and concise documentation and forums, it includes some crucial new features such as the ability to calculate values in cells of an equidistant grid. Additionally, many details have been improved. One of my favorite new features is the ability to set different influence levels for all data sets, as opposed to the previous method whereby only one data set (C) had influence.”“...I like Surfit because it is extremely simple and efficient. The tutorial was very easy to follow, and the tutorial is complemented by the many informative forum threads and mailing list announcements.� 08929e5ed8

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