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How to Write an Essay

Essays are one of the freest creative, critical and literary genres. At first glance, it can be written as you like and about anything. But there are a number of writing requirements for an essay that only can handle.

Features of writing an essay

How to write an essay? One of the defining features is the presence of one theme, the main direction that permeates the entire text and all reflections. The author can go deep into history and science, look for connections and parallels, but in the center, there will be one clear theme, thought. Everything is threaded onto it as a driving axle.

Also, the essay is distinguished by a bright author's stamp, that is, the personality of the writer is in every word, every emotion, every judgment. The image of the author can have any emotional coloration - encouraging, condemning, contemptuous, but this coloration should affect the reader, awaken response emotions. The essay calls for dialogue, response, otherwise it would not work. The problematic of the work has no limitations - philosophical, artistic, social, moral and ethical, etc., and so on, up to the outwardly banal and well-known. The most important thing is to give a fresh perspective, personal assessment and encourage thought.

At the same time, there are a number of pitfalls. For example, in this genre there is no traditional plot, and all examples and references to one's own experience should remain just an illustration. Also, the author's opinion can have an extreme degree of subjectivity, without trying to custom term papers for getting rid of any restrictions by authorities and traditions.

Basic writing requirements

What are the requirements for writing an essay? There are few requirements in the essay, but they are defining. The title of the work may be completely externally unrelated to the content. He participates in an intellectual game with words and images. It can be emotionally connected, become a starting point for reasoning, or even a conclusion that the author will come to.

The stated problem or point of view must be considered in full, that is, the author must convince the reader why he thinks so and how he came to this. The purpose of the essay is precisely to clarify your position in order to convince you of its correctness, or at least the right to exist. Outwardly, the composition and structure can be absolutely free and not fit into the framework and schemes, but it should be built as a proof of one's own position. Sentences can twist into exotic lace and be filled with alogism and contrasts, but in the end the reader should be interested and immersed in thinking about the stated problem.

The writing style uses is recognizable and owned by the author, like a fingerprint or signature. The language can be spoken, without a load of terms, complex constructions and an abundance of quotations, but it is still not permissible to use abusive, rude and swear words.

Volume requirements

The volume requirements are defined differently in each educational institution, but on average they range from 2 to 10 pages. At the same time, the total volume does not have any decisive significance, if the thought was manifested and disclosed on one page, then it may be enough.


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