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Western Reserve Distillers: Featured Distillery Partner

By now, we’re sure you know The Rail is all about locally-sourced burgers and beer. For more than a year, we’ve been exploring breweries across the state of Ohio, featuring the best suds on draft in our restaurants. But did you know we have the same all-Ohio emphasis on our craft cocktails?

The Rail is branching out to highlight another family-owned business, who, like us, is committed to supporting local farmers. We’re excited to announce Western Reserve Distillers as our featured distillery partner!

Western Reserve Distillers recently celebrated its grand opening in Lakewood, Ohio. The company uses grains sourced from organic farms within 150 miles of the distillery. Spelt, corn, hard red winter wheat and rye, are just a few of the grains used in their products, which include organic Vodka, Rum, Gin, Bourbon and Whiskey.

Inside the Madison Avenue distillery is a massive, handmade copper hybrid pot still. 24 plates are inside the tall towers working hard to take the product from mash to the final spirit in a single pass. By doing things this way, they are preserving the natural flavors of the grains to bring to you a little bit of sunshine with every sip.

So now you want to try one of their products, right? The next time you’re at one of our five Rail locations, grab the cocktail list! Our Gin & Jam drink features Western Reserve’s Organic Gin and raspberry jam, and our White Cosmo is made using the distillery’s Organic Vodka and frozen cranberries. If you’re looking for something more simple, don’t be afraid to request your own concoction using their liquor too!


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