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Smith’s Dairy: Timeless Traditions

The tradition of Smith’s Dairy dates back more than 100 years ago. It all started with two brothers who wanted to produce premium dairy products for their community in Orrville.

To this day, the company is still family owned and operated and rooted in Wayne County. With a century under their belt, Smith’s is responsible for producing and distributing dairy products including milk, creams, dips, and juices sold in 5 states, all surrounding Ohio.

Throughout the years, many aspects of Smith’s Dairy have changed to keep up with the advancements in farming and technology. But there’s one principle they’ve stood by proudly: tradition. The Smiths have guaranteed the same level of excellence in their dairy products for more than 100 years because that’s how the company was founded. That’s what their family would expect. That’s a tradition.

You might recognize the brand from a distance, thanks to their signature yellow milk jug -- which has been extensively tested and proven to help protect milk. According to Smith’s website, many colors and varieties of materials were tested at various universities and yellow and amber were the top two colors for blocking out harmful light rays that actually break down milk’s vitamins and minerals. Even a few unprotected hours under store lights can begin to affect milk’s flavor.

At The Rail, we are proud to use Smith’s dairy products to create fresh and delicious treats for our customers. Our company remains committed to supporting Ohio businesses and farmers for years to come. We hope you’ll taste the difference.

Find out for yourself! Each one of our hand-spun milkshakes uses Smith’s milk. Click here to see a list of our delicious milkshakes. Then join us on July 21 for National Ice Cream Day! We're offering $1 Ice Cream Sundaes featuring Smith's ice cream.

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